One of the few individuals in America who was raised as a Humanist, Jennifer shares profound insights on the tricky topics that plague us.  She is described by those who have interviewed her as insouciant, passionate and refreshingly optimistic.  She relates well to any audience and can roll with a host in whatever direction they want to go. Whether you are looking for someone to talk about ethics or would simply like a quote from the other side of the culture wars, Jennifer provides great quotes with a professional approach.

To find out how Jennifer can help entertain and enlighten your audience, email her at:

My favorite topics to talk about include:

  • Humanistic Business Management
  • Humanistic Parenting
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Rational Ethics
  • What is Humanism?
  • Talking to teens about ethics
  • 5 easy steps to making better decisions
  • Dating and Relationships - it's not about you
  • The Power of Compassion to transform our lives
  • How To Help Your Kid with Bullying

I can also address provide an ethical response to a variety of topical stories including;

  • Moral Values & Ethics
  • Culture War Issues:
  • Church State Separation Issues
  • Science and the Intelligent Design debate
  • Raising a non-religious/Humanist Family

Finally, I am also a good source for a quote any time you have a religious leader blaming Humanists for whatever it is we are supposed to have done this time.

Previous Media engagements:

I have been featured on a variety of tv, radio, newspaper, magazines, blogs and podcasts.

Some highlights include:

MSNBC.comWhole Living on Martha Stewart Radio

Jennifer Hancock talks about bullying prevention on Daytime

Jennifer Hancock on CBS Knoxville talking about happiness The Wall Street JournalFox New Radio

City Masala magazineIdentity MagazineThe Humanist

Bradenton Herald newspaperSt Petersburg TimesCIO Magazine

Coffee KlatchSkepticality - offical podcast of Skeptics magazineTough Talk Radio

The Link List

To review and link to more interviews, articles and recordings of my previous media engagements visit my link list at:



Jen talks to the press in Miami

To find out how Jennifer can help entertain and enlighten your audience, email her at: jen at or call 727-231-4862

The Humanist Approach to Grief and Grieving

Humanist Learning Systems

Buy and Introduction to Humanism Now on DVD

The Humanist Approach to Happiness on sale now!

Jen Hancock's Handy Humanism Handbook

The Humanist Life Skills Course - Living Made Simpler by Jen Hancock

The Bully Vaccine by Jennifer Hancock

My appearance on the news in Knoxville TN talking about happiness

Jennifer on ABC Action News in Tampa talking about bullying

Positive Feedback:

“Jennifer was a wonderful guest on Martha Stewart Living Radio's "Whole Living" program. She has a great sense of humor and shared a lot of good insight on a segment all about how to teach your children good ethics. She can relate to any audience and roll with the flow of a host. I am confident she would be a great speaker for any topic of her interest, especially related to lifestyle and family.” 

-Lauren Gould, Producer, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia


It started off as a sedate discussion. We were talking about the philosophies of Socrates, Thomas Jefferson, Spinoza…and then the chat room lit up, a caller chimed in, and co-host Annemarie Schuetz closed her Retro Kitchen so we could keep talking with Jen Hancock, author of theHumanist Approach to Happiness. If you think you missed a great show, you’re right! 

- Susan Rich Talks

Thank you! You were so different from the run-of the-mill expert. You said much that most people simply don't know! Great informational interview.

- Steve Kovac, Kovac's Perspective


AWESOME presentation! You are a fabulous speaker. Thank you so very much for being our guest, we thoroughly enjoyed it. We would be honored to have you return again as a guest and as an expert co-commentator on future shows that pertain to your topic.

- April Matta: Spirituality Raw

You were an awesome guest on the show and I am so grateful that you were on. I usually talk to a few people for feedback after the fact and everyone just adored you. What a magnificent, positive message.

- Deborah: The God Discussion 2010

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